Outreach to Sex Workers of Kensington Avenue

Outreach on the Avenue from This is Kensington on Vimeo.


On Friday, Aug. 24th, Buddy Osborn and Lizzie Savar of Rock Ministries took a walk down Kensington Avenue looking for women caught up in the sex trade. Their intention, to reach out to these women, to inform them that there are people and facilities available to help them break free from whatever has led them to the street. Their inquiries were met with leeriness and skepticism as well as openness and honesty. The women that agreed to tell their stories held very little back in describing what it is like to live and work the streets of Kensington.

Nicole, 25, has worked Kensington Avenue since she was 16. She had been raped the night before and had woken up that morning, naked, in a park. She said that instead of offering help, people in the park  laughed at her.

Melanie, 30, listens as Buddy Osborn and Lizzy Savar give her information about her options and where to get help. She has worked the avenue, on and off, for 15 years and has two sons that she is unable to see because of her addiction.